5 Ways to Be Healthy This Spring

Winter is officially over, and Spring has sprung! All the warm weather and sunshine that we have to look forward to is good for the soul. But did you know it can also be good for the body too? Here are five ways that you can make the most of Spring in order to have a healthy, happy you!

  1. Exercise Outdoors: Forget the stuffy gym. It’s Springtime and the world is your playground! Get your exercise by going for a run in the park, hiking on a trail, or doing a workout in your back yard.

  2. Get Your Vitamin D: Vitamin D helps us fight off sickness, improves our mood, and is important for strong bones. Our bodies need at least 15 to 20 minutes of sunshine every day in order to make Vitamin D. So if you’ve spent the winter indoors, it’s time to step outside to get some sun! Just be sure to not get too much and wear sunscreen to protect your skin. You’ll still soak up some rays and get plenty of Vitamin D.

  3. Drive Less, Move More: With warmer temps it’s easier to get around without a car. So if it’s possible, walk to the store instead of driving. Or hop on a bike and save on gas while you get a great workout.

  4. Let In Some Fresh Air: Did you know that homes and buildings can have indoor air pollution? Yep, it’s true. Now that the weather’s warmer, open up those windows, and let the Spring breeze in. Opening your windows can make a big difference in the air quality of your home.

  5. Eat More Fresh Produce: It’s Spring and that means more fruits and vegetables are going to be in season. In-season produce is affordable, tastes great, and is part of a healthy diet. So now’s the time to fill your grocery basket with all the yummy fruits and veggies that Mother Nature has to offer!


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