7 Things to Look For In a New Dentist

Finding a family dentist that you and your children can see for years to come is just as important as finding a good family doctor. If you’re looking for a new dentist, these seven questions can help you narrow down your choices and find a dental care provider that’s right for you!

  1. Do they take your insurance? Affordability is everything, so it’s important your dentist take your insurance. If your family is on a tight budget, look for a low income dental provider in your area who accepts Medicaid.

  2. Are they good with children? Seeing a dentist who has lots of experience with kids will better know how to handle the emotional needs of children. This can make a visit to the dentist easier and less stressful for everyone involved!

  3. Is the office kid-friendly? Kids might be more willing to go to the dentist if they know they get to have a little bit of fun before their appointment. Does the office have toys and games? Does it seem like it was built with children in mind?

  4. Do they have convenient hours and locations? When life gets busy, a long drive to a dental office can be a major inconvenience. Also, if your dental office is not open evenings and weekends, you may have to take work off to bring your child to the dentist.

  5. Is the staff friendly and helpful? If you call the office, is the staff polite and helpful? If the receptionist is rude or if you find yourself waiting on endlessly on hold, this probably isn’t a very good sign.

  6. Is the office clean? When you pay a visit to the office, look around. Do the floors, chairs, and equipment look clean? Would you feel good about your own child being there?

  7. Is prevention and oral care taught? Good kids dentists don’t just fill cavities. They teach kids about good oral hygiene. When looking for a kids dental clinic, ask the office if children learn about oral health during appointments.

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