At the Dentist, Fun Makes a Difference!

When you’re a kid, it’s hard to care about things like “oral health” and “dental hygiene.” At Kool Smiles, we realize this. We know that, when it comes to getting kids interested in oral health, a little bit of fun can make a big, big difference. We also understand that to some kids, the idea of going to the dentist might not be very exciting, and may even be downright scary. This is why we use the secret ingredient of “fun” in our offices, both as a teaching tool and as a way to make children feel happy and safe while at the dentist!

Fun While You Wait

Kids get their first dose of fun when they walk through the doors of Kool Smiles. Our waiting rooms are large and brightly colored. Here, kids will find toys, books, games, and even an indoor playground to keep them entertained! This is where you and your kiddos will also meet our friendly front-desk staff. They are the first of many smiling faces you’ll see throughout your visit.

Fun With the Dentist

When you step back into the treatment area, the kid-friendly fun continues. Our dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dentists are all great with kids. Whether it’s joking around or giving calming comfort, our dental staff is pretty special and knows just how to make your your child feel at ease in the dentist chair. We also use fun as a reward. If kids can make it to the end of a visit, they get to choose a free prize from the treasure chest!

Fun at Home

We have created over 60+ activity sheets available on our website that parents can print out and give to their kids. These activity sheets teach kids about dental health through fun activities, such as word games, word puzzles, coloring sheets, and more. You can download our activity sheets right here.


When you’re a kid, fun is what makes the world go round, and you’ll find lots of it at Kool Smiles!


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