Back-to-School Checklist

First day of school is just around the corner, and nothing is worse than showing up to class unprepared. Shy of getting called out in front of your classmates, missing supplies on your first day is embarrassing, not to mention anxiety inducing. No need to fret though! We’ve got your back to school checklist covered with everything from pencils to kleenex. So keep your kool, and follow along:

Sturdy Book bag: These don’t have to be expensive or even flashy. However, with all the books and supplies your child totes daily, you want to choose a strong book bag with wide straps to alleviate extra weight from your child’s shoulders. TIP: Avoid rolling book bags if your child rides the bus. Some bus drivers don’t allow children to bring these bags on the bus.

The Basics: These are items your child regularly uses and goes through yearly. These include looseleaf paper, pencils, erasers, a ruler, glue stick, paper clips, printer paper, and ink. Stocking up on these basic items will ensure that your child is always prepared, and avoids side looks from classmates and teachers.

• Classroom supply list: Besides the basics, your child’s teacher or school may provide you with a supplies checklist at your child’s open-house. Sticking to this list is an easy way to avoid spending money on extra supplies that your child may or may not use throughout the year. However, give your child something to look forward to! A pack of stickers are an inexpensive way to let your child personalize their supplies and make notebooks a little more fun to tote around.

Cure-all’s: Kick back-to school germs with a healthy supply of all-purpose cure-alls. Fever reducers, immune system boosters, Vitamin C packs, cough drops, and LOTS of kleenex are all good additions to your back-to-school kit. Watch for sales on to-go kleenex packs and hand sanitizers, which are great for your child’s at-school supplies.

Dental check-up or cleaning: If your child is due for a cleaning or oral exam, try and schedule your appointment before the school year begins. 51 million hours are lost every year due to oral disease. This causes parents to lose 25 million work hours annually. Scheduling your child’s exams and cleanings before the school year starts ensures that your child doesn’t miss school, and you don’t have to miss work!


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