Dental Insurance: Why Do I Need it?

Nearly 80% of Americans consider it “extremely important” to have dental benefits, and for good reason. Dental insurance can not only save you money, but it might even have some health benefits too.

How Dental Insurance Can Save You Money

Paying for dental care on your own can take a big bite out of your wallet. Dental benefits can help by covering a portion of the bill. Like health insurance, dental insurance can also lower your bills if you have a dental emergency. Dental insurance helps you save in other ways too by covering 100% of the cost of preventive services, like exams and cleanings. These services are free under insurance because they help prevent more expensive dental problems down the road.

Better Dental Health

One of the most common reasons people without dental benefits give for not seeing the dentist is lack of insurance. Just 34% of people without dental coverage said they saw the dentist two or more times per year. But that number jumped to 81% for people with dental coverage. Folks with dental benefits are more likely to see the dentist, which increases the chances of getting tooth-saving dental services like fillings and root canals. Those without coverage are more likely to wait to see the dentist. Waiting too long can damage teeth beyond repair, leading to extractions or dentures.

Better Overall Health

The mouth is the gateway to the body, so it makes sense that oral health can affect your overall health. Without regular dental visits, cavities may go untreated, which could lead to dangerous infections. Gum disease may also go untreated. While it may not sound serious, gum disease has been linked to conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and dementia. Regular dental checkups are also important, because over 100 other diseases, like leukemia and oral cancer, show their first signs in the mouth or throat.

If you are considering buying dental insurance, carefully research your different options before settling on a plan. There are certainly plenty of benefits to having benefits! Now it’s up to you to decide if all of it is worth the cost to you.


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