Eating Well for the Whole Family

Keep your family in great dental health by sharing smart foods in your home.  Stock your kitchen full of nutritious goodies that are easy on the budget and on your teeth.  The best way to set the standard for what your kids learn to like to eat starts with homemade snacks and meals. Pregnant women especially should stick to healthy foods in the home and at restaurants to avoid getting cavities or risking gum damage. Take a look at the 3 S’s for setting the standard of eating well for the whole family!

-Stick to the basics! You can’t go wrong with fruits and veggies.  For a cheaper alternative, buy frozen fruits and veggies. Serve in a smoothie or as a side with dinner!

-Stay away from food in boxes or bags! Chips and cereal are starchy and can be chowed down in one sitting. They are pricey and usually full of salt and sugar.

-Slurp water instead of juice and milk! Water is a great way to wash away the acid on teeth left by candies, chips and cookies.  Water is the best thing for your overall health, hands down!


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