Fun activities for families in the fall to stay healthy

KS-Healthy Fall Activities (1)


The days are getting shorter. The leaves are turning colors. There’s just the hint of a chill in the air. Yes, fall is here, and it’s the perfect time of year to get outside and get active.

We here at Kool Smiles have put together a list of activities that will keep you and your kids healthy the whole season long.

  • Go apple picking: A family trip to pick apples is fun for everyone, and it’s an easy way to stock up on healthy snacks. Apples are full of great nutrition, and their slightly acidic nature can clean and brighten teeth. That makes for better visits to the dentist!
  • Check out the leaves: One of the best things about autumn is the changing leaf colors. Check out parks and nature preserves in your town, then bundle everyone up and talk a walk to look at the leaves. Walking is a fantastic low-impact exercise, and the fresh air is really relaxing after a long week.
  • Play football: It’s football season, so what better time for a family game? Team sports get kids active and help them learn about their strengths, so they get a nice boost of self-confidence, too.
  • Get out in the yard: Planting tulip, crocus, or daffodil bulbs in the fall makes for a colorful spring. Plus, working in the garden can be a fun aerobic activity. Ask your kids for a hand as you clear out flower beds, dig holes, weed, and rake leaves (they can always jump in the piles when they’re done!)
  • Make scarves: Knitting, sewing, and crocheting build focus and relieve stress, and they let kids express their creativity. Best of all? When you’re done, you’ll have something to keep you warm the whole winter long! There are lots of patterns available online so you can all work together on a project.


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