How do I teach my kids to brush their teeth?

How can I set a great example for my kids to help them brush their teeth?
Begin brushing your teeth in front of your children at an early age. Children will always look to mirror their parents. When brushing try to exaggerate your facial expressions, so children can see how you’re brushing your teeth. Some parents play the sugar bug game, whereby you try brushing out the sugar bugs from the bottom, the top and front of your teeth. The goal is to have fun and try not to make it an exact science. Have fun with it, teach them spitting is ok when brushing their teeth.

Is there a fun way to help my kid brush their teeth?
Yes! You can make tooth brushing time fun by playing games! We have several games that will get you started! A favorite is a counting game -count out loud for every tooth that is clean, “tooth number one is all clean! Tooth number two is all clean! Here comes tooth number three!”  Your child will enjoy brushing and practice counting. Learn about more tooth brushing games to play with your child here:

How can I take care of my child’s teeth before they come in?
When your child is a baby, as early as 6 to 7 months old, before the first tooth appears, you can gently wipe the gums to keep them clean with a soft cloth, a soft baby toothbrush, or with gauze and water. Your baby may enjoy the gentle rub on the gums if she is in pain from teething.  Do not use toothpaste as your baby is not old enough to spit or rinse.

When should I begin teaching my children how to brush their teeth?
As soon as the first tooth arrives, you can brush your child’s teeth. Check with your dentist, but usually around 2 years old you can begin using children’s toothpaste. Once your child’s baby teeth start to form, usually around age 2 or 3, it is safe to teach a brushing routine at home. Teach your child how to properly brush their and floss their teeth. Brushing the teeth will remove sticky plaque, or food particles from inside of your child’s mouth.

Brushing time can be a lot of fun for you and your child! Remember to be patient, and practice brushing after meals so that it becomes a habit. Give your child healthy snacks like raw vegetables and fruit to help clean your child’s teeth throughout the day. Your child is watching you so be sure to care for your smile! Have fun, and remember that an early start and great oral care will keep your child’s smile healthy and happy for a lifetime!





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