How to Make Drinking Water More Fun

Water may be the healthiest way to quench your thirst, but it’s not exactly the most exciting thing to drink. And for kiddos who love juice, it can be hard to get them to guzzle an entire glass of plain old boring water. But the reality is that kids really shouldn’t be drinking cup after cup of juice. Juice has a whole lot of sugar that can do just as much damage to the teeth as soda. So what should you do if your child is hooked on juice? Here is how to make drinking water more fun for your kiddo:

  • A Cupful of Fun: Serve your child a glass of water in a sippy cup or regular drinking cup that has bright colors or a cool design, such as your child’s favorite cartoon character.

  • Stock Up on Silly Straws: Allow your child to drink their water through a non-disposable plastic straw that comes in a fun squiggly shape.

  • Ice Ice Baby: Spiff up your water with some icy fun! Instead of using regular ice cubes, use silicone ice trays to create all sorts of cool frozen shapes that kids will love.

  • A Hint of Fruit: Add sliced cucumber, melon, or berries to water and let it sit in the fridge overnight. It’s a great way to put some fruity flavor in your water without all the sugar.

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