How Untreated Cavities Hurt Kids

Most people don’t think a cavity is a serious thing. But if a cavity is left untreated, it can grow and cause lots of problems for your child. Here are some of the ways that untreated cavities can hurt kids:


  • Trouble Eating: Chewing with a toothache is no fun. Kids with cavities might have a hard time chewing their food because it hurts. This might cause them to stay away from healthy, crunchy foods like fruits and veggies. When chewing hurts, a child might not eat enough. This could mean they won’t get the nutrition they need for their growing bodies.

  • Problems In School: Untreated cavities can cause a lot of pain. That pain can make it hard for a kid to pay attention and do well in school. Don’t let cavities stop your child from getting ahead in school!

  • Unhealthy Adult Teeth: Cavities on baby teeth can spread to the adult teeth that are still under the gums. When those adult teeth finally grow in, they might be deformed or have pits in them. Kids with healthy smiles grow into adults with healthy smiles.

  • Crooked Adult Teeth: Baby teeth act as placeholders for adult teeth, helping them grow in straight. If a baby tooth is decayed, it may need to be pulled out. Losing a baby tooth too early can make the adult teeth grow in crooked later.

  • Cavities Make It Hard to Smile: When kids have cavities, they might not want to show off their teeth with a smile. This can make kids feel shy, and make it hard for them to meet friends at school.

  • Dangerous Infections: Cavities are little infections in the teeth. If left untreated, they can grow until the infection reaches the blood. Blood infections can be very dangerous, especially if they reach the brain or heart. If your child has any pain in their mouth, or dark spots on their teeth, they might have cavities. If you think your child has a cavity, see a dentist right away.

The best way to prevent cavities is to brush twice a day, floss at least once, and see a dentist every six months. There is so much to smile about when you’re a kid. Don’t let cavities stop your child from smiling big, and enjoying life!

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