“Look, Mom! I Have a Loose Tooth!

It’s a pretty special moment when your child runs to you for the first time and tells you their tooth is loose. For a child, loose teeth means that they’ll be a big kid soon. For parents, it means their little one is growing up fast…maybe a little too fast. So what should you do when your kiddo comes to you with the exciting news? Here are 7 things every parent should know about losing that first tooth.

When do kids start losing their baby teeth?

Children will lose their first tooth around age 6. They’ll continue to lose 3–4 teeth per year until they have lost all 20 of their baby teeth by about age 12.

Which teeth fall out first?

Baby teeth usually fall out in the order they came in. The front bottom teeth are often the first to go. The last teeth to fall out are usually the big molars in the back of the mouth.

Does losing a tooth hurt?

Losing a tooth shouldn’t hurt very much. If it is very painful, it probably means that your child is trying to pull a tooth that’s not quite ready to come out. If the pain gets bad, you can put an over-the-counter, pain-relieving gel on the gum surrounding the tooth. Make sure it’s for children, and don’t use it too much or too often.

Should I pull a loose tooth?

The short answer is no. We have all heard stories about people tying a string around their loose tooth and yanking it out. Well, we hate to ruin all the fun, but that’s actually a pretty bad idea! It can tear the gum tissue around the tooth and cause injury. Allow your child to gently wiggle their tooth. But tell them they should let a tooth fall out on its own.

What happens if my child swallows their tooth?

Nothing, really. Accidentally swallowing a tooth isn’t a big deal. It will simply pass through the body.

Will there be a lot of blood when my child loses their tooth?

There shouldn’t be very much blood at all. When there is a lot of blood, it is usually caused by forcing a tooth out before it is ready. To stop bleeding, have your child bite down on gauze or a clean cloth until the bleeding slows.

When do permanent teeth start to grow in?

Usually it takes a few weeks for the permanent tooth to begin to poke through. It will take a few months more for the tooth to fully grow in.

Should I give my child a gift?

What gifts does the Tooth Fairy usually give for a lost tooth? The going rate nowadays is about $1 per tooth, but money isn’t the only gift that kids will enjoy. You could give your child a small toy or write up a certificate for an extra hour of TV or video game time. Writing a letter and signing it “The Tooth Fairy,” can add a bit of magic to losing a tooth. Magic is what being a kid is all about, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination!

Losing a tooth is an important milestone in a child’s life. It should be something both parents and kids look forward to. Make sure your child knows there is nothing to be afraid of, and a whole lot to be excited about!

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