Make Brush Time Fun Time for Kids!

  • Allow your child to see you having fun when brushing your own teeth! Children like to do what their parents do, so if you’re having a good time taking care of your mouth, they will too!
  • Create an oral care chart and hang near or in the bathroom. You can find fun charts online.
  • Give your child lots of praise when they brush their teeth correctly and frequently! This is a great way to make good oral care a routine habit.
  • Brush the teeth of a doll or toy, so your child can begin learning how to hold a toothbrush.
  • Give them a chance to brush their own teeth, and then follow up by showing them how to brush correctly.
  • Sing a happy brushing song and make fun noises! Play a song, or download the Kool Smiles app- a fun monster keeps time while your child brushes!



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