Moms: You Are a Kid’s Best Bet for Healthy Teeth

In celebration of Mother’s Day yesterday, we made a list of all the ways that mothers help kids keep their pearly whites in tip top shape. Enjoy!

M is for “Motivate”— One of the biggest challenges for moms is getting kids to brush and floss their teeth. Moms have to use their creativity, imagination, and energy to motivate their little ones to take care of their teeth. It’s a hard job, but the payoff is a cavity-free kiddo with a confident smile!  Read about ways to win the battle of the brush here.

O is for “Oral Health” — The health of our mouth affects our overall health. Moms are often the single most important person when it comes to a child’s oral health. Every mom wants a healthy child, and a big part of “healthy” is having healthy teeth and gums.

T is for “Time” — If you have a young child who is new to brushing and flossing, watching them closely to make sure they are doing everything correctly takes only a few minutes each morning and night, but can lead to a lifetime of happy, healthy teeth! Read more about how to correctly brush and floss here.

H is for “Healthy Habits”— Adults who brush after meals and floss daily do so out of habit. And guess who taught them this healthy habit many years ago when they were young kids? Most likely, the answer is Mom.

E is for “Eating Healthy”— Kids who choose healthy snacks like fruits and veggies (instead of chips and candy), and healthy drinks like water (instead of soda or juice) are less likely to develop cavities. Moms can put their kids on the road to good oral health by giving kids tooth-friendly foods at home.

R is for “Role Model”— Most importantly, moms are role models. Kids learn best by watching their parents. If they see you brushing after meals and flossing at least once, they’ll grow up thinking that’s what they should do too!

Thanks, moms, for all you do every day to help your kids have healthy smiles. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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