Operation Troop Treats: Do Something Good With All That Halloween Candy!

For parents, the scariest part of Halloween isn’t ghosts or zombies. It’s all that candy! Too much candy can cause cavities and other dental problems, but no parent wants to tell their child they can’t go Trick-or-Treating. So, what is a parent to do? Here at Kool Smiles, we’ve come up with a way to do something good with extra Halloween candy. It’s called Operation Troop Treats.

 Every year, from October 29th – November 5th, kids can bring their unopened Halloween candy to any Kool Smiles office, and get a toy in return!* And the cool part is you don’t even need to be a Kool Smiles patient. The donated candy will be put into care packages by volunteers over at Operation Gratitude, and sent to troops overseas. It’s a great way to get rid of extra candy, and make a soldier smile at the same time!


Operation Troop Treats was started back in 2003, and eleven years later, it’s still going strong. Last year, kids across the country donated a whopping 2,345 pounds of Halloween candy to Kool Smiles. This year, we hope to do even better! Along with the candy, Kool
Smiles also donates dental kits and oral care guides that help soldiers keep their teeth healthy and cavity-free while away from home.

About Operation Gratitude: Operation Gratitude sends over 100,000 care packages to U.S. Service Members overseas every year. The care packages include candy from Operation Troop Treats, other snacks, personal letters, and more. The mission of Operation Gratitude is to lift the spirits of service members and show thanks for all they do for our country.

 *Kids may bring in their candy from opening time on October 29th through November 5th. Each child can receive one toy for every 25 pieces of unopened candy in its original packaging (single sticks of gum, for example, will not be accepted). Limit three toys per child. Toys will be given out on a first come, first served basis.


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