Orthodontics Pricing with Kool Smiles



Have you been thinking about getting braces but haven’t thought about how to pay for orthodontic treatment? Kool Smiles can help you figure out the  most suitable orthodontic treatment options for you or your child along with the payment plan that best fits your family.

– We offer a no-cost consultation

Curious about braces? Will they work for you? How long will you have to wear braces? Get these and any other questions you may have answered during a no cost consultation with the Kool Smiles Orthodontic team.  The Orthodontist will examine your teeth and determine if you will benefit from braces or other orthodontic hardware.  This consultation appointment will come at no cost to you, whether you decide to get braces or not!

– We accept most insurance plans

Many times, your dental insurance will cover a percentage of the cost of braces.  We are familiar with these insurance plans, and will help you to figure out if orthodontics are covered under your dental insurance plan.

– We offer very affordable pricing options

No insurance? No problem. We offer reasonable pricing options for our patients, including payment terms that fit your budget.  During your no cost consultation, you will have the chance to discuss the payment options offered through Kool Smiles.

Want to know if orthodontics is available at your Kool Smiles office? Call (877) 654-5732

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