Primary Differences Between a Pediatric Dentist and a General Dentist

What are the primary differences between a pediatric dentist and a general dentist that sees kids?

Every child should visit the dentist. Children have special needs that make their needs different from adults. Choosing the right dentist for your child is important. The right dentist will be patient and happy to work with your child! The right dentist will make oral care fun for your child, and help keep smiles healthy. When you pick the right dentist, there are some things to keep in mind. Did you know there is a difference between a pediatric dentist and a general dentist that sees kids?

Family dentists and general dentists deal with teeth. Both provide oral care, and improve oral health. Family dentists care for children of all ages. A family dentist is a great choice for your family if you have children of different ages. Family dentists can see adults too, but are trained to deal with the needs of children. Both doctors deal with teeth, treat oral hygiene issues, and help improve overall dental health. Family dentists and general dentists that see kids are great options for families with children.

Family dentists can help prevent dental problems and give treatments like fluoride, to help make teeth strong. Family dentists can talk about healthy foods for teeth and help children with bad dental habits. A bad dental habit like too much pacifier use or thumb sucking can harm teeth if not treated. Family dentists can also treat cavities and loose teeth. They can also talk with you and your child about braces, if they are needed. Dentists can even talk about problems with teeth that may come from other diseases like asthma or diabetes.

Kool Smiles General Dentists will see kids as soon as their first tooth arrives. They can provide oral health exams to check for any oral health issues in the mother or baby. Pediatric dentists are specialist, general dentists that have two more years of training after dental school. They are trained on the special needs of children from a baby until they are teens, and children with special needs.

Taking your child to a general dentist that sees kids or a pediatric dentist will make sure your child has a healthy smile. These dentists will give the best treatment. A Kool Smiles office may make it easier for your family to keep appointments. We can schedule all appointments together and see kids and adults. The Kool Smiles dental offices have fun activities for children, and use special tools to fit their little mouths. Kool Smiles are designed to treat kids of all ages, and is an excellent choice! We want to keep your child’s mouth as healthy as possible so they will have happy smiles for life!

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