Q&A – Healthy Routines

Can the health of my mouth affect my overall health?

A growing body of research has linked gum disease to other health problems including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and dementia.  Untreated cavities can also be a threat to your overall health if the bacteria spreads to the bloodstream. 1-3

What are some ways that I can fit more physical activity into my day?

Small movements throughout the day can add up to hundreds of extra calories burned, so take a chance to get up and move whenever you can. Park in the back of the parking lot, take the stairs, and do jumping jacks during television commercial breaks.

I feel overwhelmed and confused by all the different advice on what “healthy eating” is. Are there any simple tips that are easy to follow?

Eat less food that comes in a box, bag, or can, and make sure most of your plate at any meal is covered in colorful plants (fruits and veggies). These two small things will make a big difference when it comes to eating healthy.

I am so busy that I often only get around 5 or 6 hours of sleep in a night. Is this really that bad?

You might think that it won’t hurt to lose just a couple hours of sleep a few nights a week, and sleep six hours instead of eight. But this can lead to depression, make you gain weight, and even increase your risk of high blood pressure. 4,5,6



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