Q&A How to Find a Kool Smiles Dentist

How do I find a Kool Smiles dentist online?

It’s easy!

First visit www.mykoolsmiles.com/locations, and enter your zip code. After clicking the green “Find my Kool Smiles” button, a map will appear with red “smiley face” buttons that represent Kool Smiles locations near you!

How do I find a Kool Smiles dentist by phone?

Simply call our toll free number, 1-855-653-1223, and a friendly operator will help you find the nearest Kool Smiles location in your area.

I have more than one child. Can I bring my other kids to the appointment?

Yes. In fact, we have play areas filled with toys and games that your other children can enjoy while you wait. But please keep in mind that kids still need to be supervised by a parent in the play area.

Does Kool Smiles treat adults?

Yes. Although Kool Smiles offices were made especially for kids and families, most Kool Smiles offices also treat adults. Call 1-877-244-4960 to find out if Kool Smiles locations near you treat adults.

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