Q&A Orthodontics


I think my teeth are crooked. Is there anything I can do about it?

Yes. Speak with your Kool Smiles dentist, who will then refer you to a specialist called an Orthodontist. They will examine your teeth and determine if you would benefit from braces or other orthodontic hardware.

Is it ever too late to get orthodontic treatment?

No! Adults of all ages make the decision every day to fix the alignment of their teeth.  However, because the jaw bone, and the teeth have finished forming completely, you may have to always wear a retainer, or wear it for an extended period of time. It’s never too late to transform your smile with orthodontics!

When should I seek orthodontic treatment for my children?

Usually Orthodontists will want to wait until all the adult teeth have grown in before fitting your child with braces. Sometimes problems like crowding aren’t noticeable until later in the teen years. If your young child has noticeable problems with their bite or jaw, some orthodontists may be willing to work with them. Getting orthodontic treatment as early as possible is a good idea, because the teeth and jaws of children and young teens are not as fully developed as an older adult.

My child will not quit sucking their thumb and I worry this will push their teeth out of place. What can I do?

A serious thumb-sucking habit can push the front top teeth forward. This can make children self-conscious about their smile, and might even lead to them needing braces later. Your dentist can refer you to an Orthodontist who can place a metal device on the roof of your child’s mouth. This helps break the habit by making thumb-sucking very uncomfortable.

My child lost a baby tooth pretty early. Is this bad? Is there anything I can do?

Tell your dentist if you have a child who has lost a tooth before the age of 4 or 5. Baby teeth are very important as they are placeholders for adult teeth. If they are lost too early, adult teeth might not grow in straight. Your dentist can refer you to an Orthodontist who can put something called a “fixed space maintainer” in the spot where the baby tooth used to be. This prevents other baby teeth nearby from crowding the empty space and blocking the path of the permanent tooth.

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