Tip #3 for Improving Overall Oral Health!

In celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month, we’re continuing to post healthy dental tips every week in February for you and your children! Keep up the good oral health!

Tip #3: Have a well-balanced diet both in what you eat and drink

        Having a healthy diet helps more than just your overall bodily health; it has a profound effect on your oral health too! Choosing healthy food and drink options will help your child develop and protect their teeth, while the overconsumption of sugar causes decay. Sweets and sugary drinks should be kept at a minimum and monitored throughout the day. If your child drinks juices and other sugary drinks, they should be consumed in one sitting, as opposed to sipped on, in order to not prolong the development of harmful acid.  The best drink for your child between meals is water.1

        When preparing your child’s lunch, be sure to fill it with healthy foods, such as, lean meats, whole grain bread, fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and baked chips or crackers. Avoid foods that are high in sugar because they provide kids with a temporary spike in energy that is quickly followed by a crash. This type of high-low energy crash leaves children in a poor mental state for their afternoon classes; therefore, affecting their learning.2


Happy National Children’s Dental Health month!



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