Top 5 Reasons Going to Kool Smiles is Fun!

Kids love going to Kool Smiles, and it all comes down to three letters: F-U-N. Here are five reasons why going to Kool Smiles is fun for kids:


  1. The Waiting Room: Hanging out in a waiting room doesn’t sound like much fun…unless you’re at Kool Smiles! Our waiting rooms are painted with all sorts of bright, happy colors, and there are lots of toys, games, and books around. And here’s something you don’t find in every waiting room: an indoor jungle gym that kids can goof around on. Instead of a waiting room, we should probably call it a “fun room.”

  2. Other Kids: When you bring your kiddos to Kool Smiles, there’s a good chance there will be other young patients hanging out too. For kids, it’s a great place to make a new friend, and have a buddy to play with while they wait!

  3. The Staff: Our staff members work around kids all day, and so, sometimes, they act like kids themselves! Knowing how to cut loose and be a little silly from time to time is just a regular part of the job here at Kool Smiles. And it helps kids relax and feel comfortable, too, so we figured, why not?

  4. The Dentists: Our staff is pretty awesome, and so it’s no surprise that our dentists are too. They understand kids and know just what to say to make even the most nervous little ones crack a smile. At Kool Smiles, your dentists is so much more than a doctor for your teeth. They’re a friend too!

  5. The Prizes: When kids make it through an entire dental visit, they get to pick a toy from “the treasure chest.” It’s a fun little reward that helps kids look forward to going to the dentist!


When you walk through our doors, you can tell right away that Kool Smiles isn’t just any dental office. Kool Smiles stands out from the rest because it was built with kids in mind, and that makes all the difference! If you’re looking for a dentist for the whole family, visit here or call 1-877-244-4960 and make an appointment today!


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