Turn Brush Time into Fun Time!

If your kiddo doesn’t want to brush their teeth, you are not alone. Plenty of younger children dislike brushing, for one reason or another. They might not like the feeling of the toothbrush in their mouth, or may even be scared of the brush itself. Whatever the reason, don’t lose hope! Here are some clever ways to make brushing teeth fun for both you and your little one!

Baby brushing teeth

  1. Brush to music. Pick your child’s favorite song and play it during brush time. Have your child brush to the rhythm of the song while you sing or dance. You can even make it a dance party by brushing along with them!

  2. Brush each other’s teeth. Tell your child that you two are going to help brush each other’s teeth. Go first, and start by brushing their front teeth in circular motions. Have them do the same to you. Then brush the sides and backs of the teeth in up and down strokes. Finally, brush the tops of the back teeth in back-and-forth strokes. Have them try brushing their own teeth a few times too.

  3. Brush with their favorite toy. Let your child pick out a favorite stuffed animal, doll, or action figure. Place the toy on the bathroom counter, and tell your child that that the toy is going to watch them brush. When your child is done brushing, have them pretend to brush the toy’s teeth also!

  4. Sing about the wheels on the bus. Sing the “Wheels on the Bus” song while your child brushes their teeth in circular motions. The faster you sing, the faster they will have to brush. You can even sing these words instead: “The kids named ______  go brush, brush, brush! Brush, brush, brush! Brush, brush, brush!”

  5. Choose a yummy toothpaste flavor. Younger children usually enjoy fruity flavors over minty flavors. Let them pick out a fruit-flavored toothpaste that’s just for kids, and see if it makes a difference!

For great oral health, kids should brush their teeth at least twice per day. But if brush time is turning into fuss time, try one of the ideas above. When it comes to kids and brushing teeth, a little bit of fun can go a very long way!


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