What Questions Should I Ask the Dentist About My Child’s Teeth?

Kids can’t always speak for themselves when it comes to oral health. Its important for parents to act as their voice when taking in their little ones for a cleaning. Here are some questions that will help get the conversation started with the Dentist:

  • – Are their teeth and jaws developing okay?
  • – How can I make sure my child’s teeth are clean everyday?
  • – How do I prevent baby bottle tooth decay?
  • – Do you have any helpful tricks on getting my kid to brush and floss their teeth?
  • – Are sealants a good idea for preventing cavities?
  • – Do they need to brush or floss more?
  • – Is there anything I need to tell my child’s doctor?

Speaking up and asking these questions will keep kids on track for a lifetime of healthy smiles!


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