Why Do I Have To See the Dentist Twice a Year?

Just like every other part of our body, our teeth and gums are always changing. Because of this, it’s important to see the dentist every six months, just to make sure things are looking good. From checkups to cleanings to fillings and more, the dentist can do a lot for our smile. Here are some good reasons why seeing the dentist every six months is a smart idea:

 -Little cavities can be found—and treated—before they grow into big ones. Little cavities are easy and painless to fix. Big cavities might require a root canal or, worse, an extraction. Regular dental visits can save you time, money, and a lot of pain in the long run.

-At your six-month checkup, you should have a dental cleaning. Cleanings get your teeth polished smooth and remove tartar buildup. Tartar is hardened plaque that you can’t get rid of with brushing alone. Tartar can cause cavities and gum disease, so make sure you get it cleaned off twice per year!

-Baby teeth are softer than adult teeth. Because of this, it may only take a few weeks or months for a cavity to eat through a baby tooth. Waiting too long to take your kids to see the dentist is risky and can cause early loss of baby teeth.

-Regular dental visits mean that your dentist can keep an eye on your child’s teeth and make sure those chompers are growing in nice and straight. If they’re not, your dentist can refer you to an orthodontist.

-If you are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant, regular dental visits are a must. Why? Believe it or not, the health of your teeth and gums could affect the health of your unborn child. Because pregnant women cannot get fillings or many other types of dental work, it’s important to get that kind of stuff done before pregnancy. But pregnant women should still see the dentist. In fact—because oral health is so important during pregnancy—they should go every trimester, for a cleaning and checkup.

You’ve only got one smile, so take good care of it! If you’re looking for a fun, kid-friendly dentist for the whole family, give us a call today at 1-877-460-3885 or click here to find a Kool Smiles location near you!

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