The Best and Worst Types of Halloween Candy for Teeth

Trick-or-Treat! Halloween is just a few days away, but before digging into that big pile of candy, let’s review the best and worst types of Halloween candy for your teeth:

The Best Candies

  1. Dark chocolate is the best candy for your teeth. Researchers say certain compounds in dark chocolate may actually help prevent cavities!
  1. Sugarless gum and sugarless candies with stevia or candies that diabetics consume. Without the sugar, they’re less likely to attack your teeth.
  1. Candy bars with nuts. Candy bars with a lot of nuts can break up the stickiness, and nuts provide a great source of nutrition.

The Worst Candies

  1. Anything Sticky! The stickier the candy, the worse it is for your teeth. Sticky candies can get stuck in between teeth and can cause cavities
  1. 2. Lollipops. When it comes to how bad a certain type of candy is for your teeth, frequency of exposure is more harmful than quantity.
  1. Gummy worms. They’re the most acidic and can wear down the tooth enamel.

We don’t expect you to keep all Halloween treats away from kids, where’s the fun in that?! But, you can help to protect their teeth by balancing candy as a small treat with a healthy meal.

And don’t forget – brushing after all meals, especially after sugary treats, can help keep their teeth clean and healthy!

If you find yourself with too much Halloween candy this year, make a donation to Operation Troop Treats! Visit any participating Kool Smiles dental office to exchange Halloween candy for a toy. With help from Operation Gratitude, Kool Smiles ships the donated candy to deployed U.S. troops. Click here to learn more.

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