Healthy Eating Q & A

What are some ways I can fit fruit and vegetables into my child’s diet?

 – Add some spinach to a homemade quesadilla.

 – Throw some frozen mixed vegetables into marinara sauce and serve over pasta.

 – Make a veggie omelet for breakfast and add fresh tomatoes and spinach.

 – Leave healthy snacks that kids can easily grab when they’re on the run, such as carrot sticks, apple slices, or a bunch of grapes.


I heard apples and celery can clean my teeth after a meal. Do I still need to brush?

Yes, definitely! While crunchy fruits and veggies can help to wash food from the teeth, there are still plenty of smaller bits of food stuck in between your teeth as well as in the tiny grooves of your teeth. Only brushing and flossing can remove this stuff!


How many fruits and veggies should I eat every day?

Don’t worry so much about counting and measuring. Just make sure that half of every meal is made up of a variety of fruits and vegetables, and the more color the better! You should try to have at least three colors on your plate at any meal.


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