Operation Troop Treats Brings Smiles to Children and Soldiers in Record Amounts

Operation Troop Treats

In the past four years during the Halloween season, we have donated over 5 tons of candy and our current year’s efforts are under way! – during our annual “Operation Troop Treats” event, which encouraged children and families to exchange Halloween candy for toys at participating Kool Smiles offices across the nation.

The annual event, now in its fourth year, is designed to encourage good dental hygiene at home while supporting our American troops abroad. In collaboration with Operation Gratitude, Kool Smiles shipped 200 Halloween care packages to overseas troops this year. The packages were filled with donated candy from our offices, needed toiletries, fun items like movies and books, and of course, dental kits containing toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss, to encourage healthy dental habits for our soldiers, too!

Check out some highlights from this year’s event!

Dr. Akharume from our Baton Rouge Kool Smiles office talks with Healthline about the power of toys to incentivize good dental health:

Dr. Karan and Killeen office manager Erica Granville talk to the Fort Hood Herald about the importance of giving back to our troops!

Dr. Karan OTT interview

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