Schedule Back-to-School Dentists Appointments Before Summer is Over!

It’s that time of year again! With many children headed back to school, it’s crucial that parents don’t lose track of their children’s dental health. Keeping up with a child’s immunizations and making sure they frequent the doctor is important, but so are regular visits to the dentist.

Dr. Fatima Khan, a dentist at Kool Smiles, shared some important back-to-school tips for parents on how to keep their children’s teeth healthy with KLBK News in Lubbock!

Click here to see her interview:



Healthy teeth are a critical part of a child’s education. When children have tooth decay, the biggest problem is that they’re in a lot of pain so they can’t concentrate at school and they don’t sleep properly. Poor concentration can lead to lower performance at school and set a child back early in their education.

Parents: make sure to watch your kids when they brush their teeth to ensure they are doing it properly. We recommend the 3-2-1 rule:  Eat three meals a day, brush twice a day, and floss once in the evenings!


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